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Summertime means carefree, sun-drenched days on the beach, looking at seagulls gliding through the azure skies, while the sound of waves breaking and children’s laughter fill the air. Do not allow your well-earned holiday at the coast to be ruined by ending up with half the beach in your car. Here are some clever tips to keep your car spotless, and you smiling, this summer. After checking out how to keep the beach out of your car, find out how to remove stickers from your car after your vacation!


As they say, prevention is better than cure. By just changing a few of your habits on the beach, you can prevent sand from ending up in your car. Always wear flip-flops or open-toe shoes, and carry a mesh bag when you go to the beach to ensure you get rid of sand as opposed to building it up. Also, if possible, sit on chairs while you are relaxing on the beach rather than lie on towels. As you know, it is notoriously difficult to get sand out of towels, especially when they are wet, so try to use them exclusively for drying off after swimming.


When you have had enough sea and beach for one day, go for a last plunge in the sea and try to get rid of as much sand in your swimsuit as you can. For extra preventive maintenance, take a final rinse under the beachside shower, while also thoroughly rinsing all toys and buckets that may have accumulated sand. Give your towels and bags a good shake, and then, throw your towels into plastic bags. A clever trick that you can use to deal with stubborn sand is to rub talcum powder on your skin and then wipe it off with a clean towel.


Even if you have taken all the preventive measures mentioned above, beach sand will still make its way into your car. To combat this, line your trunk with a bedsheet you can then shake out, and wash if necessary, once you have unloaded all your beach gear. A good investment is all-weather floor mats, which are different from normal car mats, as they are made of rubber and have raised edges that will prevent sand from falling on the car floor. Seat covers are also a good option, as they will not only protect your seats from beach sand and dirt but also wear and tear in the long run.

If you live near the beach and do not have a garage, consider investing in a car cover. It will prevent sand from entering your car, and also reduce the damage and corrosion caused by salty, moist air.

If all else fails and you still find sand in your car, it is advisable to vacuum it clean as soon as possible, before it settles in the small crevices and material fibers of your vehicle’s interior.

Armed with these handy tips, you are sure to enjoy both a sand-free car and a carefree holiday this summer!

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