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The Speedway is not the only attraction in Daytona Beach, Florida, that attracts visitors en masse. Daytona Beach also happens to offer some of the best beaches this side of the county line. Apart from sunbathing and strutting those muscles at the outdoor gyms, Daytona Beach also happens to house some of the best surfing spots. Discover just why surfers flock to these locations to get their surf on.


There are a number of reasons why this location just strikes up excitement for any surfer, but the enormous jetty trumps all else. This is the ideal location to practice footwork with the right point breaks and split peaks caused by the jetty. It also happens to be located right on the inlet and for those taking a swim on the other side, it’s better to drive around for a surf than to swim across the inlet as swimming across can be dangerous, even deadly.


Daytona Beach is where the magic happens for those who are still new to the sport and can’t face the swells in Ponce Inlet just yet. With an abundance of surf classes offered along this stretch, this is where the regular footers and goofy footers decide their stances and test their strokes. While Daytona Beach might be the practice ground, it also doubles up as a competition venue for those who brave the swells when they do come around. Daytona Beach Week is hosted here and also features other sports such as stand-up paddleboarding and beach volleyball.


Veteran surfers love this spot as it provides just the right amount of wave to carry a longboard out for that perfect surf. While the swells are dominated with right breaks, surfers still get plenty of exercise on the left when they encounter a split peak. After a few hours in the water, the location is in close proximity to some of the best eateries in Daytona Beach, which provides surfers with the opportunity to refuel.


Those who like the reliability of consistent waves will find Ormond Beach suits their needs just fine. Predictable swells allow those new to surfing to have the opportunity to practice through repetition. It also happens to be the ideal surf spot to chill and hang back for those who simply just want to relax on their board.


Just under fifteen miles south of Daytona Beach lies the Shark Bite Capital of the World, a title bestowed upon the location by beach-goers. While there are plenty of beasties lurking about in the water, surfers can’t miss on the opportunity to catch a northern swell. The beach also allows visitors to drive on it, which means faster access to great swells.

Daytona Beach conjures up images of suntanned bodies and gearheads ready to head to the track. For surfers, however, this also happens to be a great location to stretch those muscles and take in the view from the water’s edge.

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