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The automotive side of Mitsubishi dates back to 1917 when the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. came out with the Mitsubishi Model A. With a history that includes everything from three-wheeled cargo vehicles to modern SUVs, this manufacturer has produced some amazing vehicles. These are some of the most popular Mitsubishi models ever made.


The Mitsubishi Lancer was a compact sedan that started production in 1973. One of the first Lancer models produced was the 1600 GSR, a legend in the rally world. This off-road rally sedan had two wins at the Safari Rally of Kenya and four consecutive wins at the Australian Southern Cross Rally. While worldwide production of the Lancer stopped in 2017, it’s not completely off the road. If you still want to enjoy driving one, Mitsubishi still produces the vehicle in Taiwan and China.


Mitsubishi produced the sleek and smooth Eclipse from 1989 to 2011. According to the car manufacturer, the vehicle got its name from an 18th-century English racehorse that was undefeated during its career and won 26 races. This sporty compact car was originally introduced to replace the Starion, and it quickly became a favorite among Mitsubishi fans. When the last Eclipse rolled off the assembly line, the company decided to auction it off and donate the proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross.

3. 3000GT

Many Mitsubishi fans argue that the 3000GT, also known as the GTO, is the best vehicle the Japanese automaker ever created. The sports car was only produced between 1990 and 1999, and second-hand models still fetch a good price. With specifications that included all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering, active exhaust, active suspension, and a twin-turbo engine, this vehicle was ahead of its time.


When the Mitsubishi Outlander first hit the Japanese market in 2001, it was called the Airtrek. The manufacturer said it chose this name because it described how the vehicle could take passengers on action-packed adventures. However, when the second generation came out, its name was changed to the Outlander to invoke the idea of distant lands waiting for exploration. Today the compact crossover SUV is still one of the most popular vehicles produced by Mitsubishi, and the car manufacturer said that in October 2016 global sales of the vehicle reached 1.5 million units.


At first glance, the Mitsubishi Diamante looked like a European luxury sedan when it was first released. When this full-size sedan was first introduced to the Japanese market in 1990, premium vehicles were just becoming popular. As a result, the Diamante became a surprise hit and even won the Japan Car of the Year award for that year. Mitsubishi continued production of the Diamante until 2005.

From sleek and stylish sports cars to bold and powerful SUVs, Mitsubishi has produced plenty of great vehicles over the years, and these five models are some of the most popular to ever hit the road. If you’re looking for a new Mitsubishi, stop by Daytona Mitsubishi today.

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