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Nobody likes to sit in traffic, especially if you’re already running late or it’s the end of a long day at work and you just want to go home. Fortunately, technology is making it easier for us to avoid traffic jams. If you want to breeze through your commute and avoid delays, consider downloading one of these apps.


Perhaps the most popular and widely known navigation app on the market is Google Maps. Available for free for Apple and Android devices, Google Maps gives you real-time updates when you’re on the road so you can plan the best route. The app also offers automatic re-routing if there’s trouble ahead on the original route. Plus, even if you’re not in your vehicle, you can get where you need to go with the app’s walking directions and public transit routes.


One of the other best-known traffic apps available today is Waze. This app uses crowdsourced information to report delays because of traffic jams, accidents, or police presence. Since Waze is crowdsourced, it has turned traffic into a game. As a passenger, you can collect points for reporting traffic issues and even chat with other Waze users near you. Plus, the app can tell you when it’s time to leave based on current traffic reports. Waze is available for free for Apple and Android devices.


Think about the feeling you get when you hit every green light on your commute. Now imagine having that feeling every time you drive. That’s what EnLighten hopes to help you achieve. The app uses real-time traffic information to let you know the speed you should drive to make the next light. It can also tell you the range of speeds you should drive to hit every light green and avoid stopping altogether. EnLighten is available for free for Apple and Android devices but currently only works in certain cities.


Like Waze, INRIX is a crowdsourced app that’s available for free on Apple and Android devices. The app gathers traffic data and alerts to help you decide which roads you should take during your commute and which ones you should avoid. Additionally, the app has access to numerous traffic cameras so you can see for yourself exactly how crowded the roads are. Along with helping you navigate traffic, INRIX can also help you find a parking spot and share your estimated time of arrival with others.


ViaMichelin is a free traffic app available for Apple and Android devices that offers real-time traffic information to help you during your daily commute or a long road trip. The app can also help you calculate a route, and you can even evaluate multiple routes based on distance, time, or toll roads.

If you’re interested in taking the stress out of your commute, you should do your best to steer clear of traffic. Download one of these apps, and beat traffic by avoiding accidents and delays.

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