Mitsubishi OEM Parts Benefits


Regardless of your car type, authentic Mitsubishi OEM parts are a large factor that impacts vehicle performance and lifespan. These parts are made specifically for Mitsubishi to enhance overall operation efficiency and driver experience while on the Port Orange roads. Whether it’s an older used car or brand new car, OEM parts make the vehicle reliable and safe, and gives the driver confidence in longevity. Learn more about the benefits of using OEM parts on your vehicle from trained technicians at Daytona Mitsubishi. 

Why Should You Use Genuine OEM Parts?

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are elements that are created to fit perfectly into your %%di_make%% car. These parts are made by the vehicle’s manufacturer with your vehicle type in mind at all types. The parts are designed with the understanding of the additional existing components it may interact with during operation. Non-OEM parts are elements that are made without any specific car make in mind. They are typically cheaper in price but result is poorer overall performance and function compared to OEM parts. Below are reasons why we recommend using genuine OEM for your vehicle: 

  • Guarantees QualityGenuine OEM parts are quality parts that your car deserves. You also will receive a warranty and technical support when you order parts from the manufacturer via a dealership.
  • Reliable Ordering – Finding the right parts for your vehicle can be difficult when using the aftermarket. Since OEMs work directly with dealerships such as Daytona Mitsubishi, you can easily order a part at your local dealership in Port Orange without any hassle, while having confidence the part will fit perfectly with your vehicle.
  • The Perfect Fit – If you have a specific part in mind for your particular vehicle, so should the part maker. OEM elements are created especially for your vehicle so you don’t have to worry about how it will fit. Engineers spend long hours ensuring the design of each part works congruently with the other elements of the vehicle. Find the perfect fit for your vehicle by using a genuine part.

OEM Parts and Accessories Available for Your 

OEM parts are a great way to customize and upgrade your vehicle to turn heads in Ormond Beach. Below are options available to enhance the look and feel of your vehicle:

  • Outside Mirrors – Unfortunately, collisions can happen, and they can take out or damage your outside mirrors. If you need these replaced, you can reach out to a dealership near you.
  • Roof Mount Bike Attachment – Are you a biker? You and your biking partner can explore new paths together using the roof mount bike attachment to transport your bikes. 
  • All-Season Floor Mats – This accessory could be a great addition to protect the interior of your car from any type of weather nature may bring. 
  • Windshield Wipers – Rain, snow or sleet, our windshield wipers are an essential factor of your driving experience in Palm Coast. 

Find Genuine OEM Parts Available at Daytona Mitsubishi

Now that you’ve learned about the major benefits of OEM vehicle parts, you can search for more parts to enhance your driving experience with peace of mind. Feel free to call us for additional questions or ask about our special deals and offers or schedule an appointment at our parts center near Palm Coast!

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